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Extract from Widget Book

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Welcome to the Widget Steps - Escalators of Cat Care

Book cover: The Widget Steps



A Table Top Publication with over 40 photographs and illustrations in colour

"The steps were crudely made - by necessity roughly put together in a hurry - but they were a lifeline to the four month old kitten.

With a pair either side of the cat flap she could, at last, join the rest of her family in their outside activities and begin to explore a world that had been denied her."

A hilarious yet informative book about the true lives of a family of cats. This novel contains much sound wisdom gained from the writers' own experiences.

With chapters such as:

"Worms, fleas and frights in the night"

"Motherhood and Mayhem"

"Uninvited Guests"

"Growing Pains"

"The Gardening Club"

Can you afford to miss it?

 Over 40 colour photographs and illustrations.




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