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What are the best times and days to travel on european roads and why.

What are the two basic things to remember when driving on the 'wrong side' of the road?

What are the different road laws in France and Spain?

What is the one thing you cannot do without on Toll Roads?

How can they tell if you've been speeding between 2 Tolls?

What some foreign words are for your MotorHome's needs, and how to spell and pronounce them

How to get served in a restaurant, cafe etc

Where to go and why

Many Sites to visit in France and Spain

What to look out for when going to a new Site you pick out

Is it necessary to call or book in advance of your visit?

What is an ACSI card and do you really need one?

Will your TV or Satellite Dish work? How to sort it out.

What you should take and what to leave behind

Festivals are fun!

What wintering in the South is really like

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